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The Gold Sheet vs Gridiron Gold Sheet. The Story of Gold by
award winning professional football handicapper Dennis Stagliano


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The Story of Gold

Dennis Stagliano Gridiron Gold

Once upon a time, there was a young man who was walking with his father. They passed beside a bank of university computers with internet access. There, the young man noticed another young man searching for free football picks. He asked his father, "Dad, what's that guy doing?" And the father said, "He's panning for gold, son." The inquisitive young man asked a follow-up question, "Dad, why is he looking for gold under free football picks"? The kindly father responded, "Well, son, he thinks that's where the gold is located". The son, a wrinkle across his brow, queried further, "Do you think that he will find gold in there"? Dad shook his head, "No. No, son, he's never really found much gold in those free pick websites. Oh, every once in a while, he might find an itsy-bitsy nugget or two. But mostly, he just sifts through loser, after loser, after free losers, and never finds much of anything accept a bad headache. Oh, and the feeling that lady luck is passing him by." The son sighed, and now he too shook his head, imitating what he'd seen his father do. Pa smiled at that. And, then, after a long moment, the son spoke softly, "Someone should help that frustrated football bettor. Someone should tell him that's an unproductive method. It's too much silt to go through, for too little gold. And, someone should share with him a better way, a more productive targeted method to locate gold." And the father said, "Yes, someone should, son. Someone should."

Are you tired of sifting through free losers, after pan loads of free pick websites and amateur bulletin board handicappers. Let me and my son show you a better way. Let us bring the gold to you. The analogy breaks down, because literal handicapping gold is not alive, and therefore it cannot "self-identify" itself by searching a term and clicking through to a website, the way a real person can. Still, I think "the story of gold" is a wake-up call for you. I think sifting through tons of free pick websites in the hope of finding the occasional nugget is definitely a battle that will ultimately cost you the war. Be wise, go prospecting with proven documented winners and you'll be telling your friends a different. "the story of gold." The story of Gridiron Gold.

Dennis Stagliano has been a world class handicapper since 1981 and has been labeled one of thebest football handicappers in the nation. He is the owner of Gridiron Gold and Gridiron Gold Sheet Football Newsletters and also a renowned horse racing handicapper. Dennis publishes horse racing tip sheets in his website at www.horseracetipsheets.com and also is a horse racing handicapper for Todays Racing Digest.

by Dennis Stagliano - August 14, 1997

Source: http://www.gridirongold.com