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Private Gold Football Picks are my top rated college football picks. This program is for hi-roller football bettors who are looking for one to two top rated college football picks per week. High win percentage with select ncaa football picks is the goal for one of the nations most respected football handicappers.

dennis staglianoDennis Stagliano, Professional Sports Handicapper. Dennis Stagliano, continues his label as one of the nation's best sports handicappers in the nation, ever!. The Pres, an award winning sports handicapper, has a reputation as the #1 documented sports handicapper since 1981. Director of the American Association of Documented Handicappers said this about Dennis. "The best football handicapper I have ever had the privilege to monitor. A splendid performer, past, present and I sure wouldn't want to bet against the future". Now that's a pretty remarkable! Well, he was right, because Dennis' has a 36 year record of excellence.

"The Highest Capital Ever Achieved in an AADSS Football Handicapping Contest, $10,000 Bankroll Turned into $123,000 - An Award Winning Sports Service". Sporting Times Magazine

"Gridiron Gold is an Investment Rather Than a Gamble"
Gambling Times Magazine

The Pres has outstanding documented credentials as a football and basketball handicapper.

Rated Nations No. 1 Football Handicapper - H&H Sporting Times
Rated Nations No. 1 Football Handicapper - Experts Magazine
Rated Nations No. 1 Football Handicapper - Million$ Magazine
Rated Nations No. 1 Football Handicapper - Sports Features Syndicate

Ron Sataloff, President, Sports Features Syndicate Inc. had this to say about the Pres. "65% Football Handicapping Winning Pct. And For the First Time Ever, a Sports Service Football Handicapper Went the Entire Season Picking 4 Games Weekly In our National Newspaper Professional Handicapping Contest Without a Single Losing Week"!Dennis has been a featured columnist and handicapper for national newspapers through the years, and has co-hosted national network sports shows. He is sought after annually by radio stations to offer football handicapping advice.

The Pres' reputation is one of integrity, honesty and long term consistent winning results. His documented football picks are posted right after kickoff. Unlike others, his entire season record is visible. This ensures customers that they're getting the same football picks as every client. There are no false records posted. Dennis was the originator of this self documentation method after he found out long ago that other monitors were bought and paid for by sports service owners. We know of no others, that have been as transparent as long as Dennis Stagliano.

Probably the best purchase I have made in my two years online. The selections I received from your private gold program were priceless. I have had business dealings with many handicappers but none as good as you. Not even close, your the best. Talk to you next season". Thanks again, Bill Crawford

"I found one of the only truly honest and professional handicappers on the net! I could go on forever but I won't. What it comes down to is this. I was ready to give up on internet and all professional handicappers until I found your site! Now my dreams of hearing my bookie whine became a reality! THANKS AGAIN!". Mike Kovaleski

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