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Since 1981 Gridiron Gold has produced NFL picks and college football picks. Football picks by Gridiron Gold have catapulted them to the nations #1 sports handicapping service. Bettors buy expert football picks in different packages that are suitable for all types of sports bettors. You can purchase handicapper pick packages, guaranteed football picks and football newsletters. Gridiron Gold stores everything securely and picks can be downloaded instantly at anytime from anywhere. Since 1981 football bettors have been switching to Gridiron Gold sports picks because they're seeking expert picks, reliability, high integrity, honest record keeping, with full transparency. We even tell you where to get the best odds for our sports picks. Gridiron Gold started guaranteed picks in 1981 and was the first sports service to post their football picks soon after games started. Our motto, "The Sports Service You Can Bet On

BEWARE! PIRATES.. One of the easiest things to do is to predict sporting events. It's predicting these games accurately that's so difficult. Outrageous claims and free solicitations by the mountebanks who have invaded the professional handicapping business have had a negative impact on the number of people they have alienated. Now anyone with a website becomes an instant professional football handicapper. If these so called football handicapper's do not succeed at first, they simply try again with a new website or a new name. It is not unusual for these football handicappers to publish many football handicapping sites with different names, while concealing the fact that they are from the same office or business. They become multi-monitored for the purpose of shotgun football picks, employing a bingo method in an attempt to gain a football handicapping reputation for advertising purposes. Many will spew a ton of free picks in the hopes of a winning day just to sign a customer. Unfortunately, they have caused all of us to be painted with the same brush. All any mature player can hope for is to have an honest, reputable, experienced  professional football handicapper calling the shots...an analyst., if you will. The sucker seeks instant gratification and the charlatans of this business feed that neurotic need with promises that have nothing to do with performance. For those people seeking 80% winners we can only say good luck. We hope that the pursuit of this impossible dream doesn't turn into a financial nightmare.

Gridiron Gold is committed to providing a high quality experience for our clients that is perceived by them to be an outstanding value exceeding their expectations. We will provide the friendliest, timeliest, most courteous and professional service possible, serving clients as we would want to be served. Since 1981, we've been recognized as an honest, reliable sports service, led by one of the nations most respected professional sports handicappers with a lifetime record of success. We will continue to produce the best sports predictions we know how. Be assured we shall strive to do everything possible to merit your respect, confidence and trust without ever misleading you about the possibilities that exist in this risky endeavor.

Primarily through documented results and word-of-mouth alone, Gridiron Gold has become highly recommended with credentials. For the last 37 years, sports bettors have been switching to Gridiron Gold because it's famously easy-to-use, reliable, with high integrity and honesty and of course, superior winning results. Combine that with our best-in-the-biz customer service, and you've got a unique winning sports handicapping service. Every week, more sports bettors start using Gridiron Gold because they're seeking a track record you can trust that emphasizes transparency, honesty and a proven winner.

So you can depend on us to be here when you need us. Our owner is the last man standing from the 80's, with his own sports service, who offers football picks "from his website only". That says it all, since 1981 we've been profitable, debt-free, and a privately owned business, so we answer to our customers and no one else. We don't have to pay third party handicapper websites, and that's why our prices are lower even though our results are better.
 Marty Mendelsohn, Director of Documented Las Vegas Handicappers said, "Gridiron Gold is the best handicapping value in the nation, an investment well worth taking". See why we're your best bet for expert football picks. Compare us to other football pick services.

Let's Get Started: Here Are Your Choices

1) If you're a serious player, whether you need nfl picks or college football picks, our private gold nfl picks and private gold cfb picks is the right choice for you. Sit back and let me give you my personal plays. Now visualize your man consistently paying you off, while asking you where you're getting your nfl picks and college football picks? You simply reply, "I'm throwing darts at the schedule every week". You will literally drive him bananas as he peels money off his roll to settle up.

2) Guaranteed college football picks and guaranteed nfl picks are posted after kickoff.
I Insist On It! You Deserve Honesty & Integrity and we've done it this way since 1981.

3) Gridiron Gold Football Newsletter offers knowledge. Useful knowledge. I can guarantee that you will find Gridiron Gold Best Bets previews and predictions interesting, always reliable, and always useful.

4) Gold Members picks are offered along with many useful self handicapping tools to help you win.

5) Free football picks are not our expert football picks, but weekly after 1 thru 4 above are released - free nfl picks and free cfb picks. We still use the same handicapping methodology

That's it, so let's get started!

Where to Bet Online

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